Vimele VML01 Riding Airbag Vest Assembly in Spain

Chalecos airbag equitacion ensamblados en españa

We are pleased to announce a NEW evolution in the production of our VML01 equestrian airbag vest. After a year in the market, we have taken a step forward in our commitment to quality and innovation. Now, the assembly of each vest is carried out entirely in our facilities in Spain, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to offering an excellent product.

Full control for superior quality

The change to an internal assembly process allows us absolute control of the quality of each element that makes up the product. This approach ensures that each vest meets our quality and safety standards.Hipica airbag vests assembled in Spain


Comprehensive testing for the reliability of your riding airbag vest

The verification of each element, its assembly and testing in real conditions is the most important thing in our airbag vest for horse riding, and with our improved process, each unit goes through a rigorous testing protocol. These include:

– Activation of the vest by using a CO2 cartridge to verify crucial aspects such as steel ball release, spring deployment, cartridge perforation, inflation of internal bags, leak detection, and integrity of the trip cable.

– Detailed review of accessories, including snaps, hooks and seams, ensuring their functionality and integrity.


A renewed commitment to our clients

This advance represents a technical achievement for us, since it not only allows us to control the entire assembly and quality process, but also allows us to offer the best possible after-sales service focused on caring for and extending the useful life of the vests thanks to the services of maintenance and repair that we offer to our clients, this being another asset in our commitment to them. We guarantee that each VML01 equestrian airbag vest not only complies with the only standard for equestrian airbag vests (NF S 72-800:2022), thus meeting the expectations of our customers in terms of safety and performance, but also in terms of care and coverage thanks to to our after-sales service.


We are delighted to share this news with the equestrian community and we hope to continue working to offer quality products and the best care we are capable of offering. Thank you for your trust!


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