Safety standards are essential to prevent accidents in horse riding

Las normas de seguridad son esenciales para prevenir accidentes en la hípica

Horse riding is an exciting and highly rewarding activity, but it is not without risk to our physical integrity. For this reason, it is essential to know and comply with the rules established in equestrian centers for a correct riding of our horse that helps improve our safety, as well as that of other horse riding users, including that of the steeds themselves.


Equestrian training is essential when it comes to riding safely, not only to follow the rules established for this purpose, but also to learn to know the reactions of our horse, which will help us to anticipate and prevent possible risk situations. Knowing the behaviors of our mount will help us to get involved with it, making horse riding a safe and at the same time extraordinary activity.horse riding safety

Protection equipment

Of course, and in addition to the training and knowledge of our mount, the use of adequate personal protection equipment will help prevent or minimize possible injuries. To do this, choosing a PPE with CE approval and certification will give us a plus of security and confidence when practicing our favorite sport, since these products have passed a demanding verification process in accordance with current CE standards for each type of article. , such as EN1384:2017 for helmets, EN13158:2018 for rigid body protectors, or in the case of airbag vests, the NF S72-800:2022 standard, which, without being mandatory at the moment, is the only standard that regulates and currently guarantees the suitability of this type of device for equestrian use.

Airbag Vests for Horse Riding

In recent years, the use of airbag vests for horse riding has spread rapidly, becoming more and more an essential element when it comes to having the best possible safety equipment. Due to its structure and its simple operation, airbag vests offer excellent protection for various parts of the body (chest, back, coccyx, hip and neck) in the event of a fall, offering extra protection to the most novice riders and also to beginners. more experienced.

To contribute our small grain of sand and make horse riding an even safer sport, if possible, Vimele offers the market its VML01 horse riding airbag vest certified by ALIENOR in accordance with the CE NF S72-800:2022 standard, specific for airbag vests of equestrian